My happiness
Whom will you give it to? Each day comes with its share of mystery and possible encounters, triggering an impulse of spontaneity. They joy on your lips will be the most precious gift to share. It is all about pure optimism, positive, exciting and contagious attitude, passed on from one person to the other, just as an energetic and enthusiastic handshake.
At sunrise, sounds, scents and smells awaken. The dazzling light of the sun tickles new opportunities and spreads happiness on earth. The joy of living melts into a bright, pure and radiant smile: the first of the day.
Is the scent of happiness. a vibrant, yet soft composition born from the desire to tell the nose what eyes see: a smile. This fragrance is also a wish for someone you love, because wearing it means capturing all the positive energy and projecting oneself towards a bright future.
sandalwood, vanilla & tonka bean
violet, cedar & ylang-ylang
orange, rose, pine & neroli
base notes:
middle notes:
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