Looking into your eyes
The smell of fresh fruits that comes from the homes, the scent of cut flowers that romantically fills the air: everything is a sign, an omen of peace and calmness. the exchange of energy happens when two persons stand close to each other, facing one another, his eyes now locked with hers, feeling secure and still while all things around seem to spin in a whirlwind of emotion.
In the heat of sunny day two people destined to meet walk on a street, coming from opposite directions. it is a small street, away from frenetic downtown, and every detail is a greeting for whoever passes by.
Is a fragrance that describes that moment when two people instantly recognize each other at first sight. the vibrant energy of the first moments is followed by calmness, by profound peace, and by the quiet joy of two souls that have found one another.
sandalwood & musk
amber, jasmine & magnolia
mandarin & bergamot
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middle notes:
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