endless curiosity
There is a word that relates to open-mindness, to spiritual freedom and to the richness of a heart ready to welcome and make room for newness. This word is “curiosity” and this fragrance is a tribute to the beauty and thrill of a little course.
Wherever we are desired to arrive, we will reach that point, after all, we are already there. every day is a journey, every step is an opportunity to learn something new.
Is the most triumphat and emblematic fragrance of the collection. It offers an occasion for reflection: its richness and depth transcribe the desire to give, to recieve and to start over. It is a circle that closes and reopens to the perfection of our existence.
patchouly, oud, amber, vanilla, tolu & opoponax
leather, tobacco, cedar & cashmeran
cardamon, ginger & citrus notes
base notes:
middle notes:
TOP Notes