Welcome to my life
A decor that becomes real through an invitation to enter a dwelling, to sit, to immerse oneself in the vital energy of spaces designed to welcome guests. the smell of juicy fruits is the first greeting, followed by inebriating scent of flowers. through signs, gifts, gestures and smiles, a deep sense of well-being and peace of mind arises.
The warm air careless the skin and infiltrates the homes, carrying in a slight wind the scents it encounters. everything is ready and set in a preciousness of details, gifts, richness to share and moments of kindness.
Is an olfactory portrait describing the friendliness, the joy to host, the pleasure of hospitality and of sharing. the fullness of who - with the same open-mindness - crosses the threshold of another person’s life, enriching her own existence forever
tonka bean, sandalwood, vanilla, amber, almond & tolu balsam
damascena rose, grasse rose & orris
orange, gin & pineapple
base notes:
middle notes:
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